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Who We Are

road meetingWe try to provide a satisfying experience for each chapter member, regardless of riding style or experience. Some rides are leisurely, some more challenging; but they're always fun.

CA-1A is not highfalutin'. We don't have big plans or grandiose designs. The chapter is not always into your pocket. When there is an opportunity for community service, we're there. Otherwise, we're content to associate for "Fun, Safety, and Knowledge (GWRRA motto).

road meeting2Like GWRRA, CA-1A is about "family;" not just a boys' club. Many of our ladies have many years of riding experience on the road. And other ladies can tell you about the fine art of riding "two up." There are many riding couples in our group.

Come meet us on the 1st Saturday of every month at Greenhouse Cafe  8:30 AM for Breakfast... 9:00AM Meeting... then "We Ride!". FREE Breakfast for 1st-time non-GWRRA visitors!

But, whenever you decide to visit for breakfast, come ready to ride.

Robert Harmon
CA-1A Chapter Director


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