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Safety Education

GWRRA Rider Education logoHere are some important safety education information and tips all riders show know.

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Motorcycle Safety Foundation Guide to Group Riding


A few general rules to follow:

      • Riding in groups of many motorcycles can be confusing for both the group and other traffic. If there are too many people, break up into smaller groups. Group size should not consist of over 7 bikes unless involved in a parade type event. When there is the need to split up into smaller groups they are to be separated by at least 5 minutes of each other on the road. Use common sense to allow for traffic to flow in a normal fashion.

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In an emergency situation, you may not be able to speak and give vital information concerning your health. Medical providers must sometimes treat accident victims without having any basic medical information about the individual or any way to contact someone who could provide crucial information.

A medical information card would prove to be invaluable in providing treatment by attending medical providers and/or personnel. A medical identification bracelet, pendant or wallet card would be useful to alert emergency medical personnel of any problems.

Basic information required in case of an emergency should include the following:

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SIPDE - The 5 Step Process

Riders are to be aware of what is going on around them at all times. A way to improve your riding is this 5-step process to help improve making appropriate judgments and applying them correctly for different situations.

Scan Identify Predict Decide Execute


Search ahead, at sides and behind to avoid potential hazards before they arise. These hazards could be oncoming traffic turning left in front of you, traffic approaching from left, right or behind and hazardous road conditions.

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